Ashland Dinner Ride

The Ashland Dinner Ride will take riders through Ohio’s scenic countryside from the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio, to the historic half-mile track at the Ashland County Fairgrounds for a round of the AMA Vintage Flat Track National Championship Series.

For a $50 donation to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, participants can enjoy the picturesque ride, receive special parking, get a pit pass, have dinner at the track, and then move to their grandstand seats. Riders can get route instructions if they want to do the ride to Ashland on their own.

Lap for History

The Lap for History gives riders a chance to take their motorcycles on a parade lap around the 2.4-mile road racing circuit at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, and this year it’ll be led by the event’s Grand Marshal Steve Wise. The Lap for History event takes place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning of AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.

Swap Meet

For a decent portion of the 40,000 or so enthusiasts that flow into Mid-Ohio’s grassy environs the VMD swap meet is a prime attraction and easily the largest and most dynamic swap meet in the country. It’s massive with nearly 80 acres worth, but it’s the stuff available there that really matters, and that’s where the VMD swap meet really resonates.

From early-century parts and hulks to classic ’80s and ’90s sportbikes, from ’60s and ’70s and ’80s motocrossers to all the classic minibikes many of us grew up with back in the day, you’re bound to find the parts, memorabilia or complete motorcycles you’re looking for there — or just something thoroughly fascinating. The stories of people stumbling onto something they just gotta have — and then trying to find a way to get it hauled to one of the coasts, or Montana, or New Mexico — are the stuff of legends. Look hard enough and you’re likely to find someone with room in their trailer from where you’re going. Come with cash, too, although more and more folks are carrying card machines these days.

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